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The Swedish-Achehnese Association (SAA), set up in December 1999, is a non-profit and non-politically or religiously independent organisation. The main objective of the organisation is to inform the Swedish people and other peoples residing in Sweden about Acheh and its current political, social and economi situation; to promote greater knowledge and understanding of social, cultural and political conditions in Acheh.


Another purpose of SAA is to develop co-existence between Achehnese community and the Swedish people with mutual tolerance. And to provide the Swedish-born-Achehnese with homeland knowledge and help them preserve their own identity in this multicultural society with greater understanding of the diversity of Sweden.



Etiam eleifend posuere elit. Fusce posuere vulputate euismod.


Swedish-Achehnese Association (SAA)





Constitution of

the Swedish-Achehnese Association


Adopted on 20 December 1998






1. The name of the association is Swedish-Achehnese Association (SAA).

2. The Swedish-Achehnese Association is a non-profit association with the following purposes:

a) to operate in Sweden with social and cultural activities for immigrants from Acheh.

b) To promote greater knowledge and understanding of the social, cultural and political conditions in Acheh.





3. Individuals who are adhered to the purpose of the association and the active work of this can become a member. Membership is acquired through the election at the members’ annual meeting.

4. Anyone who violates the associations’ purposes & statutes can be excluded. The exclusion takes place at the annual meeting.

5. Membership fee is decided at the annual meeting.





6. The annual meeting is the highest decision-making body. The regular annual meeting is held each year, latest three months after the year’s activities begin.

7. An extra annual meeting will be held when the Board of Directors so requests, or when at least one third of all voting members reported in writing, requesting the issue to the Board of Directors.

8. The annual meeting will be held at least once a year. All members must be invited to the annual meeting.

9. On the regular annual meeting, the following matters shall be considered:

a. The election of a chairman for the annual meeting.

b. The Election of secretary for the annual meeting.

c. The Board of Directors.

d. Revision Report

e. The question of responsibility for the Board

f. election of the association president for a year, the Board of Directors, auditors, secretaries and deputies.

g. The determination of membership dues and fees.

h. in the statutory order of received cases:

i. Activity report for the past year.

ii. The election of at least three regular members (even more).





10. The association's activities will be managed by the Board. The Board shall actively promote the realization of the association's purposes.

11. The board consists of a chairman and at least four ordinary directors and three deputies. The Board elects a vice-president, secretary and cashier.

12. The association's business name is signed by the Board in its entirety. The Board may appoint a chairman alone or in association with other members to sign the association.

13. The Board may appoint another person to represent the association alone on other specific cases.

14. Someone selectable to the Board is a member aged 16 and has expressed its willingness to promote the association's objectives.

15. The Board is convened by the President and the decision is made when the chairman and at least two members are present.





The association fiscal year is made up of vocation.

The accounts, together with the minutes of board meetings, membership fees, inventory, etc. provided the auditors no later than four weeks before the annual meeting.

Auditor to review the board's administration and accounts of the past financial year.

The auditors' report shall be available to members a few days before the annual meeting that will deal with these matters.





The Amendment of these statutes can only take place at the annual meeting if:

  • The proposal of amendments should have been gone out to all members before the annual meeting at which the amendments are to be decided.
  • The annual meeting adopts the amendment by a two-thirds majority.





The association can be dissolved and adopted by a two-thirds majority.

At dissolution, the association's assets and documents are to be submitted to its umbrella organization - the Immigrants Association.



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