A Grief So Incomprehensible


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Translated from Serambi 25/12/2000-12-30


Acheh left the year 2000

with sorrowful weeping, exactly as it did with the 1999.Alas,

Acheh also entered 2001 with the same fear and

uncertainty, as it did with the 2000.

The problem remain the same: the incomprehensible war and slaughter.

Imagine, how civilised people could do that!


The 1999 was closed with the declaration of war by Indonesian police,

supposedly to "restored order". The announcement for operation started

on 20 December till 31 January 1999.

That phenomenon turned 1999 to be year of fear, tension and the

annihilation of human beings and civilisation, built by toil and tears,

weather with the attributions of religious norms, rules or traditions.


The year 2000 had actually brought a shed of light, when Geneva

truce was reached. But this beautiful, sweet brand was in fact not able

to trade the grief, fear, tension, and even the victims as in the end of 1999.


Acheh is weeping and continues to weep for its misery. Outside, it is

also wept by human beings all over the world with all consequences.

Some puzzle as why the price of a single human being on this Islamic

soil is much cheaper than a leprous cat!

A variety of reactions appear, from demonstrations, arguments and

condemnations or sympathies, weather from inside or outside or

the international community.


But one thing is sure, no one can stop this orgy of violence.

The violence seems so well-preserved, and over four million Achehnese

have not yet found out up to now who have been rearing this violence

so neatly and so professionally!


Violence continues to be born. Acheh is like the most effective and

productive violence-machine in the world after Kosova. May be not all

those fatherless children know who killed their parents, why and for what!

Nor do the widows know why their dearest husbands must have become

the victims of this violence. Not just to know, even to ask there is no

credible place to go!


Things go so smoothly. The problems and the widows are weeping and being

wept. But only them who feel permanent sufferings, and emptiness of life.

While others are possibly sympathising or just giving a helping hand.


We have passed those painful years which have degraded our own

civilisation. The lining of corpses in Bireuën district, for example, shows

that there are possible amongst us who have lost identity (jatidiri) as human

beings, as religious creature who have common sense and respect for wisdom.


Strange, indeed! Man builds civilisation, and he also constantly destroys it,

stipulates laws and the principles of HR and likely to tread on them. All are

contradictory, like day and night. In principle, everyone wants to live in

peace, harmony, well being. But everyone is able to and has the opportunity

to cause disorder and poverty.


The most painful is: there are amongst us who know well the perpetrators,

but can possible do nothing not even to talk.


Now, Acheh has everything: its beautiful history, its huge natural resources

and its Islamists citizens.


But Acheh has also the most sadists murders, has its citizens who have

lost its identity (jatidiri) even as human beings themselves.


Acheh might be a contradictory phenomenon in this universe, like it or not.

Hardly anyone anywhere has been able to breathe with ease, or sleep in peace

for years. Everything seems so dark, without a shed of light, or even signs of

change, where every human being on this earth able to abide by laws and HR, even the laws

of his own God.

Wild, even exceeds the community who menunggangi langit.


Another label which we might relate is: we have become the most strange

phenomena in this world, and also the most tragic one.


May no one be happy, moreover those who dear to be proud if such a view has begun to appear in Acheh because of various violence since the past two years. If there is anyone being proud of having committed violence, that is even more strange.


Today, we are preparing to open the slate of 2001, if God willing. But you and your family, like many others, seems to being in the environment of fear.


May tomorrow will be better.a day